How to import external QR codes?

Have a ready set of QR codes that you wish to import and incorporate with your event attendee's profile? Read on to find out how to do so.

1. From the admin panel, click on 'Reports' tab. 

2. Cursor over to 'Users', download -> 'Guest Profiles (Detailed)'. 

3. From the report, find 'QR Code'. 

4. Replace the column of codes (look like random generated numbers and alphabets) with the QR code(s) that you wish to replace with. **highlight the entire column for bulk upload**

5. Next, find 'Attendees' tab on the admin panel.

6. Click on 'Export' to export attendee(s) excel file. 

7. Open the document from Step 6, include the field 'QR Code'. 

8. Import the document from Step 7 to 'Import Attendees'. 

9. The new QR codes are now effectively in place. 

👆 You’re all caught up