Email Campaign

Opportunitize Micepad's pre filled email template to make your campaign an awesome one!

Sending emails to your attendees can be a breeze. From gathering their rsvp interest to inviting them to download Micepad app, we have them all covered! Below is a quick guide on how to make use of the 5 existing templates. Always note that, anything that falls within the bracket, etc, {firstname}, {surname} cannot be touched. 

On the 'Emails' tab, click on -> 'Drafts' at the side bar, then -> 'New Email'.

1. Blank: Create a temple from scratch. 

2. Invite User: Notify attendee that he/she has been invited.

3. Invite User to Download App: Do a shoutout to your attendees and inform them to download Micepad App. 

4. RSVP Invitation: This email invitation will be useful to spread awareness to your attendees about the RSVP event weblink. 

5. RSVP Confirmation: Final step, Individual PDF tickets can be emailed out to the attendees with this template. It will contain their unique QR Code that holds their individual personal details. 

👆 You’re all caught up