Micepad Semantic FAQ Guide

Need some help with your account or got a burning question that you need answered fast? Just click on one of the sections below to find the answer.If you still can't find an answer, our support team is available to assist you via chat.

Can I post a photo via the browser?Admin PanelWeb FeatureYes you can, via the web browser at the moderate section of the photo gallery module.
Can I view the feedback form as a user identity?Admin PanelUser AccountTo preview the feedback form as a user, you would need to login to the mobile app using your email address.
How do I project a page as full screen?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

For windows, press FN + F11. For Mac, press Command + Shift + F

What happens if another email is keyed in upon filling up of registration form?

Admin PanelRegistration of userThe email will be registered as new participant. If the email already exists, it will update existing data if you have turned on that setting.
What is a PDF Ticket?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureIt is an email attachment that contains the QR Code for the users to present during check-in. 
Is there a way to preview my event app while I work on populating it?Admin PanelPreviewTo preview the app, you would have to first publish it, download the app from the App Store or Play Store and login with your email address.
Can I check if we are able to download the photos shared in the event under the photo module?Admin PanelPost EventYes, you can download them under the Report section 
How do I delete an event?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

From the dashboard, click on-> Edit Event-> Tools-> Delete this event in red. Please note that this action is irreversible. 

How to bulk upload photos? Admin PanelContent You can do this by zipping up the photos you want to import into a zip folder. Once that is done, click on Event App >> Photos >> Moderate >> Upload Photos >> Select the folder you wish to import to and choose the zip folder to import. (Note that the admin name appears in the app for the imported photos)

How to use “Auto check in” and "Hidden?

Admin PanelEvent App Feature

“Auto check in” is a feature that is currently being phased out and is no longer in use. 

"Hidden" hides the groups from the registration form.

What are the dimensions for the label? Admin PanelLabel PrintingThe dimensions are width 90mm x height 62mm, landscape format. 
Can 1 user log into multiple devices? Admin PanelIpad  Yes, you can.
How do I change the image for the event?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureTo change the banner, go to Event App >> Logo & Colours. Select the banner on the right and upload the new image
How do I edit the groups who can access the Documents folder?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Select the option, Specific Group and tick the group that you wish to grant access to. It can be found as an option for Access Rights.

Can users upload documents?Mobile AppUser rightsOnly photos can be uploaded. 

What are the dimensions for Micepad’s logo and banner? 

Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Banner Dimensions: 1242x568 pixels and Logo Dimensions: 640 x 480 pixels

How do I check for user’s responses for Q&A?

Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Click on Event App ->Discussion -> Moderate and tick on the respective session to view the questions posted for those sessions.

I added my guests to the mailing list, however they did not receive the email invites.Admin Panel Event App FeatureUnfortunately, our system does not automatically send out emails to guests the moment they are added. You will need to navigate to Email, create a campaign under Draft and choose template “Invite User to Download App”. Feel free to add edit the email message. Remember to select the correct filter so that the email is sent out to the right people.

What’s the difference between the RSVP group and a normal group?

Admin Panel Event App Feature

The RSVP group is to segregate the categories of the attendees. It also works as a filter when sending out invitation emails. On the registration website, the RSVP group can be selected when they fill up the registration form. To customise the registration forms for different RSVP groups, you can go to Registration >> RSVP Form.

The Normal Group is for personalised content. By assigning attendees to different groups, you can customise the visibility of content and send different notifications to selected groups

Under Schedule, can the document be uploaded as a PowerPoint or PDF?

Admin Panel Event App FeatureAs there are different formats and ways to display an agenda, we are unable to extract schedules directly from PowerPoints or PDFs.
Can customised email notifications be sent based on the workshop sessions the user selected?Admin Panel Event App FeatureYou can filter the users based on their responses to the question asking them to select their workshop and send different email notifications accordingly. Feel free to use existing templates and edit upon it.
Can the photos shared during the event(s) be downloaded?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureYes, you can download them under the Report section.

What is the difference between Attendees and Delegates?

Admin PanelEvent App Feature

The main difference between the two is the level of control. The attendees module shows the full list of attendees automatically pulled from the attendees section in the admin panel. Attendees are free to edit their information.

The delegates module on the other hand shows the selected users and fields that you wish to display based on an excel list you have imported. Attendees are not able to edit this information.

Why are the messages for Q&A not visible to all users?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureYou might have turned on the [hide all Q&A messages] setting on the attendee’s device. Please check and select the correct settings.
Can the questions be projected on the projector screen?Admin Panel Event App FeatureTo project all questions on the projector screen, click on "Event App" -> "Projector Screens" -> "Select a Screen" -> Choose the Module Q&A and Display Type List or Grid-> Launch Projector.

Is it possible to use an iPad to moderate the questions instead of a laptop?

Admin PanelModerator

For moderator to use an iPad to moderate, you would need to open a web browser and head to our admin panel. Login with your admin credentials and click on Event App - > Q&A →  Moderate-> Speaker’s View

He or she will then see all the approved messages and can select the messages he/she wants to project. (Questions shown on the iPad mirrors the Projector screen and is based on the selected sessions)

Can the banner on the registration page be changed?Admin Panel 

To change the banner on the registration page, click → Registration on the panel on the top and then click on-> Registration website. Click on -> edit button under item 1 in the list. From there you will be able to make changes to your registration website.

Do remember to change the banner for the ‘Thank you’ page as well. You may preview the changes by clicking on the RSVP URL.

Can the quiz be results be collated?Admin Panel Event App FeatureYou can access your quiz results under the Reports section. Click on [Quiz Results] under that section. Alternatively, head to Event App >> Quiz >> Select a Quiz >> Click on Results or Analytics.
Can I see how many people have completed the feedback form?Admin Panel Event App FeatureYou can get a quick overview under Event App-> Feedback. Click on - > Completion Report under that section. For a more detailed report, download the file by clicking on - >Reports and click on->Responses sorted by Question or Responses sorted by user.
What does it mean if there is an error message after uploading the Attendee list?Admin Panel Event App Feature

Check if there are any duplicated email address or any invalid email address. There may also be a hidden space bar before or after the email address which although invisible, makes the email invalid.

Make sure that email address sits in the first column of the sheet.

How to upload guests into groups?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Go to the Attendees page. On the left part of the screen, click on - >Groups. From there you can create a new group and set the maximum occupancy.

Next to each Group, there will be a Group ID number. Take note of this number.

When importing the guest list, do place this Group ID Number into the respective column, either RSVP Groups or Normal Groups.

Do add attendees to more than one group, follow the format “1234, 1235, 1236”

We tried to project the Word Cloud but nothing appears, how do we launch projection?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Make sure that your Projector display is set to Word Cloud. To do so, click on- > Event App - > Projector Screens - > Select a Screen - > Choose the Word Cloud- >Launch Projector.

Then click on - > Word Cloud - > Select Push to Projector for the results you wish to show

Where can the tab for “New Event?” be found?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureIt can be found on the top left corner, when you’re on the organisation dashboard. 
How to change event image?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureTo change the banner, click on ->Event App ->Logo & Colours. Select the banner on the right and upload the new image. 
How to obtain more information on product pricing?Public EnquiryFor enquiry on product pricing, please drop an email to our     appointed sales personnel at johnny.lim@micepadapp.com or shane@micepadapp.com

How to include more details in the check in App for the event  users?

Admin PanelEvent App FeatureYou would first need to create the field under Registration>RSVP Form. Once that is done, you can import the template in, matching the column name to the field name.
What does error code: -40 mean?Admin PanelLabel PrintingIt means that the label printer cover is open.
Is there a limited number of sessions for Discussion?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureIt is unlimited.
 Is there an option for batch upload of documents?Admin PanelNew Release, TBA.Currently, we do not have that function but it will be available in due time. 
How to import the list of guest’s details? Admin PanelEvent App Feature

To import, click on -> Users -> Attendees -> Import.

An instruction guide will

be prompted. Please use the template provided.
Is there a GPS function for Micepad App?Admin PanelNew Release, TBA.Unfortunately, not at the moment.
How to manually attach feedback forms to individual speakers?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

You can create an in-app link that directs the user to the feedback form  by clicking -> Schedule → Content -> Add Content-> In App Link->   Select the feedback form that you wish to attach. 

Is there a way to enforce apps update for iOS/Android?UserApp Yes, an update notification will be prompted to the users when there’s a new update.
How to disable comments for discussion?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureComments are enabled on a session level. Select the session that you wish to turn off commenting for and toggle the Allow Commenting switch to off

Is it possible to arrange the questions & answers in a folder sequence?

Admin PanelNew Release, TBA.Unfortunately, not at the moment.
Can the photos uploaded by users be removed?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Yes, click on -> Event App ->Photos ->Moderate.  Click on the “X” red button for the photo that you wish to remove. Do take note that the removed photo will still appear only on the user’s screen.  

How to close registration for an event and will I be able to publish it again?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureClick on-> Registration -> Registration Website -> Unpublish Website. To publish it again, click on “Publish Website”.
Can users delete other users input for word cloud?Mobile AppUser Rights No, user can only manage their own input.
Can a user be assigned to multiple groups?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Yes. After creating the group, you can add the group(s) on the person’s profile. You may also import it using our template by separating group ID’s with a comma.

Can the header for “Discussion” to “Questions & Answers”? be changed?

Admin PanelEvent App FeatureYes. Click on Discussion -> Settings -> Name. Alternatively, go to Event App >> Features >> Click on the name you wish to edit and click away for it to save.

Will an invitation link be sent to the event attendees to download Micepad App?

Admin PanelEvent App Feature

An invitation email with the invitation link has to be manually sent out. After importing the attendee(s) list, click on All Rows -> Action -> Send New Email. Select the template “Invite User to Download App” and select a filtered list to send to.

Will I be able to bulk transfer the attendees to respective groups?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Yes, the attendee(s) can be imported again by adding another table in the Excel sheet as ‘Group ID’. The ‘Group ID’ will be shown under the  ‘Group’ tab.

Note that imported data replaces all existing data previously entered.

Will I be able to check on the attendee(s) RSVP details?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Yes, click on Reports -> RSVP -> Guest RSVP Responses to download it to Excel.

Alternatively, go to Attendees and select the attendee to view their submission and other details.

Can invited guests be restricted from using non-work emails to register for an event?

Admin PanelUser RightsNo, there is no restriction on the types of emails used.
Will the users be able to check their poll results?Admin PanelUser Rights

Poll results can only be viewed when it is flashed on the projected screen. To enable this, Click on Event App -> Projector Screens -> Select a Projector Screen ->  Choose the module Poll and click →Launch

Once screen is launched, click on ->Event App ->Poll. Select Push to Project for the results you wish to show.

For Q&A, how can I set to an Anonymous identity for the users?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Click on Settings-> toggle on for Anonymous Mode to allow users to choose between posting using their name or posting anonymously.

Select Forced Anonymity for all questions to appear anonymous in the app. 

Can I use QR codes for different features?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Yes, Click on Event App -> QR Code-> New QR Code->From the drop down menu, select the choice that you wish to trigger for your users. Scanning the QR code will reveal the action you’ve selected.

How can I gather feedback results?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

On the header bar, click on -> Reports -> Feedback.  You will be able to see 4 types of reports available.

What type of graphs are available for displaying poll results?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureCurrently, only bar chart is available.
How to control event privacy?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureClick on-> Dashboard-> Edit Event -> Visibility & Access to set the privacy of your event.
What does ‘Invalid Login’ mean?Admin PanelUser RightsPlease ensure that user is logging in with the email registered for the event, with no space bar before or after the email.

What does “Login Error: Invalid user type” mean?

Admin PanelUser Rights

The user has attempted to log in by the administrator panel. For a normal login, please download ‘Micepad App’ from the App Store (Iphone Users) and Playstore (Android Users) to login.     

For moderator, can an iPad be used to approve questions?Admin PanelModeratorYes. Click on -> Event App - >   Discussion-> Moderate.
Can images be added to Quizzes?Admin PanelNew Release, TBA.Unfortunately, not at the moment.
For new users, are they required to set a password upon login?Admin PanelUser RightsYes.
Is there a word limit for word cloud?Admin PanelMiscWord Cloud limit is set when you create the question.
How to delete Q&A messages?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Click on -> Dashboard -> Edit Event -> Tools -> Clear Results 

->Select Reset Message
How to check for user’s responses under Q&A?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureClick on -> Event App ->Discussion -> Moderate and tick on the respective session to view the questions posted for those sessions.
How to reset quiz answers?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

From the dashboard, click on-> Edit Event-> Tools, inside the marked red box, find Clear Results, a drop dox at the side will contain options. Find Reset Quiz ->Results to reset quiz answers.

How to upload document?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureDocuments can be uploaded in the pages module, documents module or agenda module. Once the page has been created in those sections, you are able to select PDF as a content type to upload. Select your file from your computer to import it in. 
 Is there a feature for lucky draw?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureIt is unavailable at this moment.
I’ve encountered log in errors, how do I fix it?Admin Panel Admin Log In Panel

 There are a few ways around it:

 App, ensure that the correct mobile app is being installed.

  1. Check that your phone has a connection to the internet.
  2. Check that you have downloaded the correct app from either the App Store or Play Store, depending on the device you are using.     
  3. Once you've downloaded the app, tap on "Tap here to login"  and key in your registered email. You will be prompted to set up a password if it's your first login. Once that is done you should be able to see the event details.
  4. If you do not see the event you are attending, check with the organisers as your email may not have been added yet, or you have set up an account using a different mail.
For label printing, can I use red on white label tape?Admin PanelLabel Printing

Based on the printer model we are using, we only support black on white label, model no. 22205 by authorised resellers.

What is the difference between an administrator and a collaborator?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

 A collaborator is restricted from creating and publishing an event, they are only limited to content management on an account level, such as  “Speaker Profile”, “Schedule”, “ About Us” etc.

If an administrator created an event and invites a collaborator, then the collaborator will be required to send an email to an administrator for the event to be published. 

An administrator, on the other hand, is able to create new events subject to their event tokens, and invite collaborators to manage the event contents.

What is the difference between a collaborator on the dashboard vs a collaborator on the administration page?

Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Overall collaborator(s) that are reflected on the admin panel can be ignored. We're currently working on this. To effect a collaborator, we advise them to be added via the dashboard. 

How many banners can I upload?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureWe encourage up to 5. Anything more will cause a distraction to the viewer(s) as it will take a while to auto-scroll through.
How do I upload images?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureOn the admin panel, click on -> Event App -> Documents -> New Folder -> Add in Title & Description for your document -> Save -> Add Document-> Contents -> Drop down box, choose "Image".
How do I create breakout sessions and allow attendees to RSVP for breakout sessions? Admin PanelEvent App FeatureFor delegates to RSVP, you can create Groups-> New Groups to the respective breakout sessions. To create a breakout session, click on -> Agenda -> New Schedule -> Add your title & description -> Choose Workshop Container for Type -> Add Breakout - > Select Group -> Specific Group.
Can I check-in and uncheck-in my attendees according to the respective locations?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureAttendees can only uncheck-in the main site (lobby), not for other locations. 
Can I manually key in an event timing instead of the default block units?Admin PanelEvent App FeatureYes, by manually entering the desired time. 
Can the event attendees sign up for workshop sessions?Admin PanelEvent App Feature

Create a workshop container first by clicking on → Attendees → Groups for each session that you want to them to select. Remember to indicate the group limit.

Once the groups have been created, click on → Agenda and create a session using type “Workshop container”. Give the session a general title, for e.g. Breakout Sessions

Click on “Add Breakout” and assign the group created for that session.

Assign a group to each breakout created.

Can I know the dimension for label printing?Admin PanelCheck In kioskLandscape, 62mm (L) x 90mm (w).
Can the event guests annotate and download documents?Admin PanelEvent AppYes. Upon uploading of a new document, toggle the green button at the bottom for email and annotation. 
What is refresh interval?Admin PanelProjector ScreenIt is the speed of projection, 2.5 seconds. 
How do I change the language?Admin PanelLanguages

This feature is only available for premium packages. On the admin panel's side bar, find → Languages → Manage Languages → New language.

On the Language Panel, you will see 'New Word' tab, click on it and enter the English word you would like to translate. For example, 'Books', key in 'Books' and it will appear on the main panel. next, key in the translated word for 'Books' and save it.

As an admin, can I access the app via mobile log in during an event? Admin PanelUser Rights Currently, there isn't an app for admin access. One only can access via web browser on a mobile or an ipad. The admin link is https://app.micepad.co/admin/#/login.
Is there a recommended dimension for Speaker's Profile Photo?Admin PanelUser Rights There isn't a recommended dimension but we encourage 500 pixel x 500 pixel . 
How do I send out invitations to attendees at a later stage other than the existing attendees?Admin PanelEmailsFrom the Admin Panel, find 'Attendees' tab, click on the names which were the latest to be imported, then choose → 'Action' on the right, click on the last option → 'Send New Email'.
How do I change the message on 'Welcome Page' after they enter on the app?          Admin PanelAttendee On boarding

From the admin panel, find 'Attendees' tab on the top. Then click on-> 'Attendee On boarding' , you will see 'Welcome Page'. Next, click on -> 'Setup Page' . 

If you don't want it to appear, you can turn it off by toggling the green bar off. 

How do I create a feed to appear under the banner for the event?Admin PanelCreate Feed for Home PageFrom the admin panel left side bar, find -> 'Home(Feed)' , then click on-> 'New Feed Post' . After you are done with your new feed, click on the green tick button and it will show on 'Approved Feed' column. 
How do I create more than 1 web link?Admin PanelCreate additional web linksAt your admin panel, on the event app page, please find-> 'Duplicate Feature' , choose-> 'Web Link' to create more than 1 web link. 
How do I create more than 1 RSVP link?Admin PanelCreate additional RSVP LinksUnfortunately not, each account only has 1 RSVP link. 
How do I fix duplication in my attendee import list?Admin PanelEmail MattersEmail address cannot be duplicated, every invited guest must have their own personal work email. 
How do I delete comments for Q&A (Discussion)?Admin PanelQ&AAt your admin panel, find → 'Discussion' , click on → 'Moderate' , tick the box for 'Q&A', find the question with the message that you wish to delete by clicking on the red 'cross' button. 
Emails go to spam. How do I solve this?Admin PanelEmail MattersDepending on the security level of your email settings, otherwise, please whitelist our domain micepadapp.com. 
What is the recommended file size for videos?Admin PanelMedia RelatedWe will highly recommend file size not more than 100MB. 
What does penalty points for Attendee Profile do?Admin PanelMissionFor points to be deducted instead of awarding points to the user. 
What is the difference between ad hoc poll vs standard poll?Admin PanelPollAd hoc poll allows impromptu polling to be created live on the spot. Standard polls are created prior to the start of an event. 
Is Micepad App available on Windows 10?User Level Account AccessMicepad App is only available for IOS and Android. 
Can reports show multiple check in location time slots?Admin PanelCheck In App Only the latest timestamp will be shown for check in. For check out, multiple check out timings can be seen in the report. 
For badge printing, if a guest check in multiple times by his QR Code, will the badge be printed according to how many times he have checked in?Admin Panel Badge PrintingOn the check in screen, an option will be prompted. It will ask 'Reprint Badge' or click on 'OK' to dismiss repeat printing. 

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