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This article covers Micepad Registration.

Micepad allows you to register for both free and paid events.
For Free/RSVP events →Setup Free tickets which do not require any form of payment from your event registrants.For Paid/Chargeable Ticketed events → Setup chargeable amounts accordingly.

Note: Kindly note that Free registrants are still to complete and submit the Registration form to confirm their attendance.

Complete the following to successfully set up your event registration:

Access Registration on admin panel

From the admin panel, select Registration on the top panel. 
Note: Admins can view list of registered attendees from the Attendees admin panel

Set up Registration Tickets 

Admins can configure registration tickets to accommodate requirements suitable for each event. Tickets can be set as free or a chargeable amount. Other configuration includes add-ons or promo codes, if required.

Create New Ticket

  1. Select the + New Ticket button to create a new ticket.
  2. Adjust the relevant fields for Ticket NamePrice, and Quantity where applicable.
    • Free Tickets
      For free tickets, leave the default settings as they are. 
      You can leave the ticket quantity as default (Unlimited) or set a limit → Click Limit ticket quantity and insert the ticket quantity.

Set ticket price & quantity

    • Paid/Chargeable Tickets
      Set a price and insert the ticket price within the field provided. Click  Set a price ➔ Insert ticket price
      Click  Limit ticket quantity, if required. ➔ Insert ticket quantity. You can opt to show remaining quantity by checking the Show quantity remaining box.
      You can leave the ticket quantity as default (Unlimited) or set a limit, if required.
      Note: All tickets are manually refundable by Admins on the backend regardless of this display

      Note: .

Advanced ticket settings

Ticket Description

Enter description of your tickets by filling in this box. You can check the show description on order page. This description will be seen when attendees select the ticket. 

Set sales start, sales end and sales channel

From the dropdown options ➔ select options that best suit your event ticket requirements.

  • Sales Start & EndSet a start and end time for your ticket sales.
  • Sales Channel
    Switch between options like Online Only, At the Door Only or both Online + At the Door.

Set tickets allowed per order

  • Tickets allowed per order
    Limit the number of tickets allowed per order by selecting quantity from dropdown option.


Include instructions, if required.

QR Codes for the tickets can be hidden or shown

Set up Tax

You can set tax options for your ticket. Please approach your organization's relevant personnel on setting up tax name, rate and reference number.

Set up Ticket Add-ons

  1. On Tickets page ➔ Click Add-Ons tab.
  2. Click Create Add-on.
  3. On popup complete the necessary fields required for the add-on. Click Save.
    There are a number of advanced options that you can apply to Add-ons:
    1. Description: You can enter a description of your tickets by filling in this box. This description will be seen when attendees select the add-on.
    2. Selection: You can toggle between automatically attaching the add-ons to tickets or allowing them to manually add the add-ons.
    3. Tickets allowed per order: You can limit the number of tickets bought in any order by changing this setting.
    4. Sales Start & End: You can set a start and end time for your tickets, such as with early bird tickets.
    5. Sales Channel: You can toggle between Online Only, At the Door Only or Online + At the Door.
  4. To add more add-on options ➔ Click + New Add-ons and repeat the steps above.

Set up Promo Code

  1. From the Tickets page ➔ select Promo Codes tab
  2. Click on New Promo Code
    1. Generate random code: Select single/multiple/apply when specific answer is provided ➔ Click Generate random code
    2. Discount ➔ Select from dropdown list and set amount
    3. Select Tickets that discounts are applied to 
    4. Select Apply to Add-Ons (if required) 
    5. Advanced Settings (If required)
      1. Select Limit of Uses ➔ Start and End date ➔ Save

      On popup ➔ set promo code type

      Note: All tickets are manually refundable by Admins on the backend regardless of this display

      You can no longer edit Type, Generate Code, Discount and Limit of Uses once a ticket order has been placed on your event registration.

Complete your Registration by setting up the following to complete your attendees' registration experience:

  1. Order Form
  2. Buyer Form
  3. Payment Methods (For paid events)
  4. Automated Emails (This is useful to trigger a pending or confirmation email for your event registration!)
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