These are words you'll commonly see when you use Micepad's Admin Panel.



An Administrator has full power over the admin panel and can do everything related to administration. Administrators can invite new collaborators, remove collaborators and change user roles. They have complete control over event details, attendees details, uploaded files, settings, themes, imports, exports, other collaborators – the whole package.


A list of matters to be discussed.


A person who attends a conference or other gathering.

Attendee Onboarding:

The process of integrating your attendee into an event. 

Automated Emails:

Behaviour-driven emails that are sent out automatically in direct response to an individual user's specific action. 


Users of Micepad App can add agenda sessions into their device calendar by bookmarking it. 


Our in-app messaging type, a chat message is designed to start a one-to-one conversation privately.


A Collaborator can create, edit, publish, and delete any contents. Collaborators do not have the ability to create and publish an event. For them to do that, collaborators are required to email the administrator for the event to be published.

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