What is Micepad?

Have you recently signed up for Micepad, or have you been invited as an event administrator? 

You have come to the right place! Micepad is an all-in-one event platform that helps event organizers worldwide host virtual, hybrid, and live events. From online registration to interactive features including in-app live polling and satisfaction surveys, Micepad makes it easy to plan and execute a successful virtual, in-person, or hybrid event or conference. In fact, MICE is an acronym used as a catch-all for the events industry. It stands for:



Conferences &


So whether you’ve been planning conferences and events for years or you’re running your first town hall, Micepad enables you to easily organize, energize and analyze your event details and guests for the ultimate virtual, hybrid or in-person event experience.

As an event administrator or collaborator, you can find the modules for organizing your event on the top panel. Below is a description of each top panel module:


The section contains an overview of event sales and registration metrics, event activity and quick links to the event or registration websites. Easily customize your event details, website, appearance, and privacy. Invite collaborators, manage integrations and advanced settings, and manage who can access the event (we call this Event Access Management).


Events are incomplete (or even worth it!) without a list of attendees. You can manually enter invitees or import them from a spreadsheet, and sort them according to groups.


Registration RSVP and Ticketing are centralized here. For free events, here is where you will manage the guest list and their RSVPs via the website where they will register. For ticketed events, use our ticket module to create and sell tickets, accept and process payments, customize your order forms, and set up promo codes and add-ons. For in-person or hybrid events, set up an easy self-serve or minimally staffed check-in process, using the app and/or Kiosk to check in guests in under 5 seconds.

Event App

Effective content management is essentially the most fundamental building block for a successful event. In the Event App module you can manage your event contents, customizing the Event App that your guests and stakeholders will access during the event on desktop, mobile or iPad depending on your subscription. Compose your event schedule with creative, interactive and engaging experiences using features such as discussions, live polling, exhibitors, chat, and measure attendee satisfaction with a powerful and hassle-free survey platform.


Event marketing and newsletter campaigns are made easy with our Emails module. Set up automated emails to communicate with guests during various stages of your event, from registration to post-event follow-up. The Emails module can be used to communicate with guests, speakers, sponsors - anyone involved in the event.

These top panel modules help you build your event from start to finish. If you’re ready to get started, we’ll guide you through creating an event.

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