Can I Import Attendees by Batches?

Yes. You can import attendees by batches. 

If you have a long list of attendees to manage for your event, you can consider importing your attendee list by batches. 

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Consider grouping your list of event attendees before importing a fresh batch of attendees. Categorize your attendees into groups to distinguish attendees you have not emailed an invitation to - if you are using the Micepad Emails. Read the case study below to understand why it is advisable to group your attendees.

Case study:

On Monday, an event administrator uploaded the first batch of attendees and sent out email invitations to the first batch of attendees without grouping them. The next day, the event administrator uploaded the second batch of attendees, but when drafting a new email campaign to send out event invitation, the administrator was unable to identify recipients part of the new batch for the email recipient list. 

Here are some tips to consider when uploading attendees by batches:

Attendees can be categorized into more than 1 group. This means that if you are using Normal Groups to segregate attendees for other purposes, you can still do that as attendees can be grouped into more than 1 group.

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