Push Notification

They're an excellent tool for communicating information with event attendees from pre-event, during an event and post event.

With push notifications, you have the flexibility to send a target message to everyone, selected groups or an individual. 

Some ideas of how to push notifications that can be sent before the event: 

  1. Reminders: Time, event place, guest speakers, schedule, pick up location, meals, etc.
  2. Announcements: Last minute changes.

During the Event: 

  1. Changes: Changes in schedule, dining location, last minute announcements etc.
  2. Audience Engagement: send reminders to encourage the audience to partake in live polling, discussion, quiz etc.

After the Event: 

  1. Acknowledgement:  Thank the attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers etc for the successful event.
  2. Post Event Survey & Feedback: Understand from the attendees their thoughts and opinions about what they enjoyed from the event.

Channelize and drive the attendees towards taking the suggested actions by linking our in-app push notifications to the desired landing page.

Make your Push Notification A Call-To-Action, from the drop down box, link it to:

  1. None
  2. URL
  3. Pages 
  4. Profiles
  5. Schedule 
  6. Quizzes
  7. Feedback forms
  8. Documents
  9. Exhibitor
  10. FloorPlan
  11. Discussion
  12. Photo Gallery


Decide who should see the push notification message. 

When should we send this notification?

Determine if you would like the notification to be sent out immediately, at a scheduled time (during the event duration), or save it as a draft (save for later). 

Lastly, conclude it with: 

  1. Show on user's feed: Check the box.
  2. Pin to top: Tick this box if you would like this particular message to be of the foremost priority. 

Some content variation examples of how push notifications can be utilised: 

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