An event is not complete without a comprehensive line up of delegates. You will find this panel useful if your event comes with a panel of delegates.

Follow this quick guide to showcase your event delegates:

  1. On the Event App Panel, find -> Delegates
  2. Click on -> Import. 
  3. Download the excel template by clicking on 'Click here'.
  4. Fill up accordingly. 
  5. After completion, upload the saved template into 'Upload File'. 

Or manually include their details: 

  1. Click on -> 'New Delegate'.
  2. Include delegate's salutation, first name, last name, organisation and email. 
  3. To add on more fields, click on-> 'Manage Fields'.
  4. Enter the desired field name and hit on the green '+' button to add on more fields.
  5. Then, press -> 'Save'. 
  6. Find the reflected changes in 'New Delegate'. 

You can also choose to bulk upload delegates list by clicking on -> 'Import' and press 'Click here'. 

*Note that 'Delegates' have no access to Micepad App. For them to access the App, add them on 'Attendees' list.*

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