Photo Gallery

With Micepad App's photo gallery feature, the ability to share photo galleries for your event just makes everything a whole lot of fun!

Photos are a great way to share session photos, official conference photos, speaker interviews, or any other photo contents. Stimulate excitement to better engage your audience today! 

How to Add Photos:

  1. On the Event App, find -> Photo Gallery.
  2. Select event room that has the photo gallery function. 
  3. Click on > Manage Albums > Title the album > Give a description > Choose the room again.
  4. Optional Choices: Password, Post Points, Like Points, Comment Points.
  5. Determine: Visibility, Allow Posting and Allow Commenting. 
  6. Access Rights.
  7. Hit on -> 'Save'. 

On the Settings dashboard, you can decide to:

  1. Change the name of the photo album. 
  2. Visibility.
  3. Push Notification. 
  4. Allow Photo Sharing.
  5. Moderate Photos. 
  6. Moderate Comments. 
  7. Photo Slideshow interval (milliseconds)

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