Schedule: Creating Multi-days Schedule with Breakout Sessions

Micepad offers two solutions for creating an event: Single Day and Multiple Days. A Multiple Days Event is when you have an event that occurs several days in a row. For example your event would be from July 1st - July 5th or February 23rd - March 5th.

Multiple Days Event: 

  1. Follow the steps taken from the "Schedule your Single Day Event" article.
  2. Find "Manage Days" on the top right panel, then insert the "Date" and "Display Text".
  3. Click on "Save". 
  4. Then, on the dropdown list, click on the day that you wish to input the contents into. 
  5. Repeat the steps taken into "Schedule your Single Day Event" article. 

Breakout Sessions

This procedure will show you how to create a breakout session

  1. From the schedule, choose the day and pick the agenda slot that you wish to include a breakout session.
  2. Use the time picker to choose the start & end time for the event.
  3. Give a title to the event.
  4. Include an informative description of how you would like to event to be encapsulated.
  5. For type, choose "Workshop Container".  
  6. Include the venue name. 
  7. Decide on the access rights for the event. Choose Specific Groups (refer to Attendees-> Groups -> Understanding How Groups Work)determine the groups that you would like to assign the breakout session to.
  8. Then, click on -> "Save
  9. Next, you will be promoted to "Speakers", link Speakers (which you can create under Event App -> Profiles) for the event. 
  10. Add "Tags" to the event. Add as many as you like, click on -> "Save" at the bottom. 
  11. Lastly, embed documents in supporting formats such as: PDF files, images, audio, video or a Call-to-Action button. 
  12. Click on -> "Duplicate" or the trash bin to "delete" the content. 
  13. Wish to add more contents? Click on the green "+" button on the right to expand the quantity of content upload. 

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