Understanding RSVP settings

Understand how to smartly configure different level of RSVP settings for your guest attendees.

Configure your event RSVP settings according to how you like it. On this panel, you will find amazing options that can be determined between each sets of invitation landscapes. 

  1. On the admin panel, find -> 'Registration' on the top panel. 
  2. Then, click on -> 'RSVP Settings' on the left side navigation panel. 
  3. Private Mode:  Enable this option if you would like to set your event only to those who are invited. Only emails that belong to the invited attendee(s) can sign up.  **RSVP form will not be pre-filled for them. 
  4. Allow Attendees to Change RSVP Mode: Toggle this on if a guest change his mind and you allow them to switch their response from Yes to No and vice versa.
  5. Enable Private Registration: Acts as an additional security measure to safeguard the RSVP form's accessibility. **RSVP form will be pre-filled with attendee(s) information. 
  6. Require Approval for New Registration: Approve or deny the registration of a new guest. To segment them individually, find 'Attendees' on the admin panel, click on the empty box next to the desired name then on the top right box, click on -> 'Action', a drop-down list will appear. Choose the respective status for the selected guest. 
  7. Change Email Ticket Design: Download the HTML Template (provided) of the QR Code PDF. After creating the HTML, rename the HTML to "HTML.handlebars" before uploading the final document.
  8. Google Analytics Tracking ID: Maximise Google's complimentary analytics service for the RSVP website traffic. Compute the given tracking ID into the box to track insights to your event's RSVP website traffic.  

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