Access and Customize App Features

In this article, you will learn more about the customizing your features. 

App Features can be customised to the organisation's preferences. Event admins can rename features, replace feature icon or duplicate a feature that is available on the admin panel.

Note: Note: For the top 4 feature, ensure that your Title is limited to 10 letters to prevent Title cut-off on the frontend left panel per below:  

Accessing your features

  1. You can easily access your features tab by selecting App from the Admin panel. You will automatically land on the features page.

Rearranging your features

  1. From App, you can rearrange the order of your features that will be seen in your attendees’ app by dragging the buttons in the same row as the feature.
  2. Changes to your feature order will be reflected in your attendees' view automatically.

Adding or removing features

  1. Adding features: From the Features panel, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select Duplicate to add on more features.
  2. Removing features: From the Features panel, search for the feature u wish to remove. Select the Activated button where a pop up will appear. Select Deactivate to remove the feature from your event.

Customizing your features

  1. From the Features panel, hover your mouse cursor over the feature that you want to customize. 
  2. Select the pencil icon that appears, and customize your display icon and name of the feature. This change will be reflected for attendees.
  3. Select Save once you have made the relevant changes.

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