Create Speaker Profiles

Follow the guide below to upload your guests profile individually or in bulk.

Profiles can be a compilation of subjectively chosen distinguished guest individuals for your event.  Follow the guide below to upload your guest's profile individually or in bulk. 

To get started with adding your guests profile manually:

1. From the Event App, find ->'Profiles'.

2. Click on ->'New Profile'.

3. Include the basic key background information.

4. Select -> 'Edit Photo' to attach a profile picture. 

5. Decide if a feedback form should be linked to the profile. Otherwise, 'Do not link' option remains untouched. 

6. In some cases, you may want to supplement the profile with social media links. Choose from any of the options available to do so. 

7. Then, click on -> 'Save'.

To manage the categories: 

  1. Select -> 'Manage Categories'. 
  2. Create a new category by clicking on-> 'Create New Category For Profile' and enter the details. Some examples are, 'Management Team, Board of Directors, etc'.
  3. Then, click on -> '+' green button at the side.
  4. Find updated changes reflected on -> 'New Profile' -> Category -> Drop Down List

To bulk upload profiles: 

  1. Click on the tab header -> 'Import'.
  2. Select the underlined word -> 'Click here'.
  3. Find the downloaded template in your folder, fill it in with the details that you want.
  4. Finally, upload the completed document in -> 'Import Profiles'.
  5. A successful import will indicate -> 'Import Completed'.
  6. At the Profiles Page Panel, you will then see the imported profiles.
  7. To add a photo, select the desired profile
  8. Click on -> 'Edit Photo' to attach a profile picture.

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