Welcome to Micepad!

A Quick Introduction and Overview of Our All-in-one Platform

Whether you’re the first person at your organization or a colleague on a team already using it, this article will teach you the fastest way to get the most value out of Micepad and how to use the key features. It won’t explain everything (that’s what the Micepad guide is for) but we will cover the fundamentals to help you start using Micepad effectively.

Micepad’s admin panel is accessible by anyone who gets an email invitation request to be added by you. Here’s how your Micepad features page is organised:  

  1. Event App (Top Panel) allows you to manage your event contents. As an admin and a collaborator, you can access the dashboard with the full features.
  2. Orders let you rearrange the feature according to how you would like the sequence to be.

Content management is essentially the most fundamental building block before your event starts. 

👆 You’re all caught up